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Welcome to my photo gallery

Beneath you see the thumbnail images to each an album with a differnt topic. Those are my favorites that I would like to share with you.

I have the ambition to tell surprising stories, display strong emotions and show breathtaking beauty of people and places.

You might notice a subtle irony! I'm far away from being a professional photographer. But I want to improve my skills and I really appreciate any criticism.

There's a story behind every picture and sometimes  I will give a short description of it. But my intention is to make photos in a way that you can imagine and feel the story that's hidden behind.

I have designed and created this website by myself .  By clicking a category thumbnail while holding down the shift key a new window will open.

All photos here are copyrighted by me. Please respect this and don't copy or use them. Contact me for private or commercial use of any images.

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Photo gallery

Snail Shells  PeopleExperiments With Snail Shells          People

Animals  Thailand
Animals                                                 Thailand

Landscape  Architecture
Landscapes                                         Architecture

Sunrise and sundown  HDR and Stacked
Sunrise And Sundown                        HDR- And Stacked Photos